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Meet Jenn
Freelancer, Contractors and 1099 Workers - Jenn
As a local jewlery artist in Atlanta and mom of two, Jenn doesn't have time to put up with receipts, complex software or worry about her finances. With Lilac, Jenn easily records her business expenses and saved $90 last month on her taxes.

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Add Income and Expenses

Quickly and easily add sales and business expenses as they occur.

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Track and Understand Your Finances

Let us crunch the numbers. We'll let you know what your finances look like and potential tax savings.

Discover Tax Savings Opportunities Tailored To You

Lilac learns about you to find personalized deductions that are relevant to your freelance work.

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They know its the quickiest, easiest and most accurate way to keep track of your taxes throughout they year.
Lilac makes filing a breeze - get your filled out Schedule C in just one tap.
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Bank-Level Security

We use bank-grade security to keep you safe. Industry leading 256-bit SSL and encryption are used to keep your senstive information safe.

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