About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people make great financial decisions.
For the 99% of us who don't have a tax planner, it's easy to miss out on tax savings that should be in our pocket. We designed Lilac to make it simple to track, manage and understand your finances while being sure that you're keeping every dollar you're entitled to.

Our Story

We started Lilac after our own frustrations with taxes, with a simple goal of creating innovative financial tools that enable people to understand and manage their taxes. We believe that people shouldn't be overwhelmed or confused by their tax situation. We're starting by helping freelancers, indpendent contractors, and gig economy workers find every last tax write-off and maximize their tax savings, but we believe everyone can use some sound financial and tax advice.

Our Values

Understand our users.

Surpass all expectations.

Build trust.

Our Home

We're proud to call Atlanta, Georgia home.
Lilac Tax